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Improve sleep with deep relaxation

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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you often feel stressed or anxious in your daily life? Does your mind race 50 miles an hour leading you to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, lost and confused, causing sleepless nights? If these questions are a repeating pattern for you, guess what?  You’re not alone!

Experience inner calm, eliminate stress and anxiety, and sleep better, using guided meditations, deep relaxation exercises, and mindfulness techniques. I will show you how, and explain why they will work for you during this program, and keep working afterward.

A full night’s sleep, less anxiety and stress are not the only benefits of my program. Some people have lowered their blood pressure and improved their cardiovascular health. Most people have a lot more energy, get more done, and improve their relationships.
Your agonizing anxiety and insomnia are very familiar to me. Even though I’m a nurse, and certified in Reiki and stress management, I had trouble sleeping for over 30 years. It’s true.
So, I sought help to end the exhausting, depressing cycle taking me down, deeper and deeper. It worked! Now I’m dedicated to helping others end that downward cycle, too.
Contact me for a 30 minute consultation. Together, on the phone or on Skype we’ll uncover the roots of your sleepless nights and anxiety.  I’ll show you how my 6-week meditation & self-development program can help you experience a deep calm from within aiding restful sleep and less anxiety, simply and easily.
Here’s one tip from my 6-week program – “When you are the master of your breath, you are the master of your life.”
Will you join me in my program that I call Sacred Simplicity? ….because it really is that simple!